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A Hard Day's Night--modernATLA
Author's Note:
Yeah, yeah I haven't written in a while. Sue me. Okay, so this part is set a year after Sokka proposed. I really didn't feel like writing another wedding, so just know that Sokka and Kayla are married and expecting their second kid (besides Yushen), Katara's expecting twins (oh joy, spawn of Zutara), and Toph and Aang are just dating. Zuko and Katara live in the Fire Nation (obviously), Sokka and Kayla live in the South Pole (which is slowly being rebuilt), and Toph and Aang live in the Earth Kingdom.
Kayla and Sokka groaned as the phone rang. Sokka covered his head with a pillow.
"Come on, Sokka, please answer it." Kayla begged. Sokka grumbled something that sounded like "it's your turn" but Kayla shot him the "I'm-pregnant-and-I'll-kill-you" glare. He quickly answered the phone.
"Hello?" Sokka asked. "Alright, hold on she's right here. Why are you calling so late?" There was a pause while whoever was on the other line answered. "Well its three here. Fine, fine here she
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Dear Mr. Cupid
Dear Mr. Cupid,
I have a little problem,
About wearing my heart on my sleeve,
Because no matter what shirt I wear,
I always seem to bleed.
Maybe I trust too easy,
Maybe I’m too nice,
But I’d rather have a heart that bleeds,
Then one that’s cold as ice
Dear Mr. Cupid,
I’m not complaining,
I’ve got good friends, who care,
But sometimes I wish,
My heart was a little harder to tear,
No one can have my whole heart,
I couldn’t give it if I tried,
Because no matter what,
Everyone I care about has a little piece inside
:iconavatarfangurl555:avatarfangurl555 3 12
3 kinds of love
I have experienced 3 kinds of love
All are beautiful and great
but represent different things
The first comes from my family
it will never go away
or be dented by what I do or say
it is the net that catches me if I fall
and the one thing I can count on
to tell me "you can do this"
"we believe in you"
"we love you"
The second comes from friends
it may disappear, but when it comes back
it is stronger than ever before
their love speaks of hopes and dreams
"you're not nothing"
"we care"
"help me and I can help you"
The third love is the one I'm the least experienced in
It comes from someone you treasure above all others
You feel it in the pit of your stomach when you touch
when you look at them,
when you hear their voice,
when they hold your hand (even if they say it is nothing)
"do you like me too?"
"how can one person make me this nervous?"
"crap! they saw me looking at them!"
I love love.
Sometimes, love is hard to love
But in the end, it is something you always
and enjoy
:iconavatarfangurl555:avatarfangurl555 3 11
Warriors Don't CrySokka tale
Sokka peeked out of his sleeping bag. Good. They were all asleep. He quietly crawled out of his “cocoon” and tip-toed past Toph’s earth tent. After he got far enough away, he began practicing with his boomerang and sword. His boomerang sailed over his head.
“Awww. Boomie, you’re supposed to ALWAYS come back.” He heard a thunk as it hit something.
“I got it.” Sokka jumped as Kayla appeared, holding the boomerang. “You know, for being a warrior, you’re not so good at stealth.” Kayla giggled. Sokka flushed.
“Darn, another thing I’ll have to work on.” She sat down beside him on the log and peered anxiously into his face.
“Something’s bothering you.” She concluded. Sokka shrugged. Kayla put her hand on his shoulder. “Tell me.” Sokka looked away from her.
“My mom died on this day, 4 years ago. It seems like such a short time. Then my dad left to go help out in the war, and all the men went too
:iconavatarfangurl555:avatarfangurl555 5 5
Davy Jones cared for no one. He felt no horror, no regret when the Kraken appeared to devour the remaining survivors of a shipwreck. But once, he came upon a pair, a girl dragging a boy through the water to a floating plank. The two stuck out to him. The sharks, which usually could be counted on to eat the swimmers, were instead guiding the girl along. Perhaps she felt his gaze but she looked up at him. The Captain gasped. She was the miniature of her sister, except for the eyes, which were the blue-green color of sea-foam. The girl kicked and the plank glided effortlessly across the water towards the ship. Davy reluctantly threw down the ladder and she climbed up pulling the boy behind her. The boy’s eyes were as big as saucers as he stared at Davy and the crew. The girl smiled kindly at the boy.
“They won’t hurt you. Wait here, alright?” The boy nodded and the girl tapped Bootstrap’s shoulder. “Watch him for me, please.” Bootstrap looked slightly da
:iconavatarfangurl555:avatarfangurl555 3 79
Sometimes -Sakura to Sasuke-
I want to hate you.
I hate what you've become.
I hate the fact that you're somewhere,
and I can't go along,
to keep you safe,
to tell you it's okay,
even when it's not.
I know I'm annoying.
And I know you don't love me.
It's stupid to think that you might think of me,
because I know you don't.
I wish you could change.
And be like other people.
People who need love,
who need others,
and who long for something other than revenge.
I wish you had listened.
I wish you had stayed.
I wish you had heard my heart
and not pushed aside like it was nothing.
It's not.
I'm not useless.
I will not wait for you forever.
I could wait a long time.
I could wish you weren't like your brother.
Is that what you wanted?
To be a murderer?
To have all of your old friends be scared of you?
To hate you?
To wish you were never born?
Did you know that they miss you?
Almost as much as I do?
Did you think no one would notice?
Or care?
I don't think you realized that.
Not that it would have stoppe
:iconavatarfangurl555:avatarfangurl555 3 20
Tears-a short Katara story
Katara wrapped her fingers around the small stone, hoping for some small shred of memory. But the cold, little stone was unresponsive. No smell, warmth, or sound came off of it. Nothing to remind her of her mother. Had it already been a year? It felt like a lifetime. Sokka and Hakoda had cried at her mother’s funeral. It was not shameful; someone’s death was a reason to bring even men to their knees. But Katara’s eyes remained dry. She held the tears inside, somehow forming a wall to keep the pain out. But at night, when everything was quiet, the wall seemed weak. She had told herself it would be wrong to cry, her mother wouldn’t have wanted it. But now, she fought her heavy eye-lids, trying to keep the nightmares away. Her eyes won the battle, and she drifted to a place that seemed very far away.
“Katara, I want you to have this.” Katara’s mom opened her hand, to reveal the necklace. Katara’s eyes widened.  
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Somebody To Lovemodern A:tla
Katara hugged Kayla and Toph for the millionth time.
“Would you go already?! The limo has been waiting for 10 minuets.” Kayla teased. Katara rolled her eyes.
“No! I need to ask you an important question. Toph and I were talking about it last night after you fell asleep, and well….we’re really curious.” Kayla smiled.
“Go on. Ask!” Kayla said with a grin. Katara and Toph exchanged a frightened glance.
“Well….,” Katara took a deep breath, “what is it like?” Kayla looked at them puzzled.
“And what is ‘it’ exactly?” Kayla asked, scratching her head. Toph and Katara blushed even deeper.
“You know! IT! The big IT.” Toph whispered. Kayla thought for a moment and then blushed deeper than either of her friends.
“Oh! Well…it’’s…amazing. I am NOT going to describe details, ya’ll can find out for yourselves. But I will tell you, it is the most beautiful thing you will e
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Book 3 Chp 5: Not Gonna Change
“Guys please stop, let me explain!” Kayla yelled desperately, trying to slow down the blasts of flames and air.
“How could you trust HIM of all people, Kayla?!” Aang yelled. Zuko glared at the young avatar.
“How could you be traveling with the Avatar?” Zuko yelled at Kayla. Kayla grabbed both of them by the arms.
“Enough is enough!! You are both my friends and you need each other anyway!” Kayla yelled, her usually sapphire eyes going a shade darker. By then, Katara, Sokka, and Toph had come running over. Toph hugged Iroh,
“You’re okay!” Toph yelled and Iroh chuckled as the earthbender hugged his neck.  Aang pulled his arm out of Kayla’s grasp, and Katara thought it was the perfect moment to knock Zuko over. Kayla’s eyes widened as she saw Katara open her water skin. Kayla jumped in front of Zuko.
“Katara, don’t!!!” Kayla shrieked. They all stared at her, even Zuko. Sokka broke the silence by yelli
:iconavatarfangurl555:avatarfangurl555 2 24
Come Fly With Me -modern A:TLA
--3 hours after the reception began—
“Awww look at him. Poor thing, we should have taken him home hours ago.” Kayla said, looking lovingly down at her son. Yushen was passed out on two chairs pushed together. Sokka shrugged.
“He didn’t want to go home. And you know how much he enjoyed that dance with you, Toph, and Katara.” Sokka reminded her. Kayla smiled and nodded. The reception still wasn’t over, it seemed early to most of the guests. Iroh walked over to Sokka and Kayla.
“I’ll take him home with me if you want. This old partier is all partied out.” Iroh chuckled.
“Well…are you sure you want to? I feel like we’ve been dumping him on you for the past 2 days.” Kayla said reluctantly. Iroh shrugged it off.
“It is my pleasure to take care of him, Miss Kayla.” Iroh said politely. Kayla nodded and got down on her knees. She shook Yushen’s arm slightly. He blinked open his eyes and looked sleepily at her.
:iconavatarfangurl555:avatarfangurl555 3 154
New Generation HP pt.2
As the children entered the dining hall, the older students stared and waved at the eleven year olds. The first years waved back, grinning at friends and older siblings. They crowded together, staring up at the enchanted ceiling, watching as stars seemed to fly across it. Friends grabbed hands, comforting each other while they waited to be sorted. Albus stood between Rose and Olivia, both of them gripping his hands. Scorpious stood on Rose’s other side, and she was squeezing his elbow so hard it hurt. The sorting hat was placed on a stool and said its speech:
Come young witches and wizards, and I’ll tell you what you seek.
Don’t be frightened of my holes and voice.
You seem surprised that I can speak!
Bold and daring Gryffindors hold their heads up high,
No matter what the pain or peril,
They’ll always be ready to stand by your side!
Sweet and kindly Hufflepuffs offer help to those in need,
Their kind words and actions never end,
They will always assist when it come
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Be There For You -modern A:tla
The day flew by, and all too soon, it was time for the wedding. Katara sat in front of a giant mirror, and Kayla was standing behind her, brushing her hair.
“I’m so nervous, Kayla. The Fire Nation isn’t exactly thrilled about getting a waterbender for a Queen.” Katara said, twiddling her fingers in her lap. Kayla pulled part of her hair back.
“You and Zuko are going to be the best thing for the Fire Nation right now. It will just take them a while to warm up to you. Anyway, Aang, Toph, and I will be around a lot since we’re all members of the Peace Council that Iroh organized.” Kayla said calmly. Toph flounced in, almost giddy.
“Guess what?” Toph giggled. Katara and Kayla exchanged a surprised glance.
“What and how do we make it happen more often?” Katara said, blinking at Toph’s glowing face. Toph rolled her eyes, but grinned.
“Aang asked me to be his date for your reception!” Toph squealed, bouncing up and down.
:iconavatarfangurl555:avatarfangurl555 5 192
New Generation HP pt.1
“Bye, Dad! See you at Christmas!” Albus yelled over the train whistle. His father’s face disappeared around the corner and he ducked his head back inside.
“Come on, Al, let’s find a seat.” Rose said impatiently. Albus sighed and followed her down the narrow train isle. They ducked into an empty compartment and let out sighs of relief. Suddenly the door was ripped open and a blonde haired girl fell inside.
“Phew, thank goodness I found you; I’ve been looking for you all day.” The girl said. Rose and Albus shared a bewildered glance.
“What are you talking about, I’ve never met you!” Rose said. The girl looked up and Rose shrieked.
“Olivia Lovegood is that you?”
“The one and only!” Olivia said with a grin. Rose got up and hugged her.
“Oh dear I’d completely forgotten! Liv, this is my cousin, Albus Potter. Al, this is Olivia. Her mom is our parents’ friend Luna. Remember?” Rose said flicking
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Measure In Love :modern A:TLA:
Kayla glanced at her watch. It read 1:30 AM. She gulped, nervous at how her roommates would react if they knew where she’d been for the past 4 hours.
“Sokka, how am I going to explain this to Katara and Toph?” Kayla asked miserably. She was sitting on the balcony chair with him, curled up in his lap. Sokka laughed.
“You tell them that Yushen needed you.”
“But Iroh has Yushen in his room. What if they ask him if I was there, and he says no?” Kayla asked. Sokka remained silent for a moment.
“Isn’t it worth it?” Sokka asked in a whisper. Kayla shifted to look at him.
“Of course!” Kayla whispered. She wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug. They both jumped when the door creaked open. Sokka cursed.
“Aang!”  Sokka hissed. Kayla turned pale and scarlet at the same time.
“Sokka,” Aang called, “are you out there?” Aang walked toward the sliding glass doors. Kayla was scrunching herself as clo
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Don't Mess With Kayla or..... by avatarfangurl555 Don't Mess With Kayla or..... :iconavatarfangurl555:avatarfangurl555 0 11 2nd Generation HP by avatarfangurl555 2nd Generation HP :iconavatarfangurl555:avatarfangurl555 0 100

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To anyone who actually reads these things:
I haven't written in a SUPER long time. And I am sorry if you're waiting for a new chapter of my stories, because I have changed so much since I began writing them, I don't know how I will ever manage to finish them.

I need inspiration. Requests, suggestions, ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!
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---for the good ones because they ------
-are afraid of falling and getting hurt.----
Instead, they just get the rotten apples-
---from the ground that aren't as good,
but easy. So the apples at the top think
-something is wrong with them, when in
--reality, they're amazing. They just
---have to wait for the right boy to-------
----- come along, the one who's-----------
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-----------------climb all----------------------
----------------- the way---------------------
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